Corporate Governance

The excellent management under BMC framework: gathering wisdom and creating profit

Daikiya adopts the BMC management system, aiming to:

1. Achieve long-lasting and effective promotion of compliance management, for the Group’s sustainable development;

2.Set-up effective long-term, medium-term and short-term strategies by considering the benefits of both enterprises and stakeholders, promoting the development of both new and old business, and developing products that highly match the market demands;

3.Establish risk management and internal control mechanism with early- warning mechanism;

4.Build a unique talent strategy, facilitate the common progress among all the staff and enhance the competitiveness of our salary, for inheriting the spirit of “Daikiya Group”;

5. Work on diversified operations, set up the second growth path by widening the income resources, so as to establish and improve a sound revenue generation system;

6. Promote brand building, gathering global wisdom, and achieve brand value
The excellent management team of Daikiya obtains outstanding execution and practical abilities to implement and realize the Group’s aims, visions and strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Daikiya carries its corporate social responsibilities while having its business operations. We have implemented a three-pronged corporate policy of SROI, ESG and EAP, aiming to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, improve corporate management and realize shareholders’ interests.


SROI (Social Return on Investment)

It is a mission for Daikiya to supervise and ensure the reasonable output of the company’s investments, so as to maximize or stabilize the interests of Daikiya’s shareholders and investors. We believe that creating higher social values, quantifying the output of money and contributing to social taxation revenue are prerequisites for a company’s sustainable operations.

We have always adopted a sound and conservative financial system, with a comprehensive project review and risk assessment process, as well as strict guidelines from site selection to license compliance. We also have professional qualified team members to evaluate the feasibility of the project and set up an early-warning mechanism to control the entire project.


ESG (Environment+Social+Governance)


We are committed to environmental protection and conservation, and we have adopted the environmental policies and taking measures in relation to environmental friendly issues.
Some of our restaurants have won the “Pursuit of Environmental Initiatives and Participations in the 2017 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence” and Silver Category of “Food Wise Hong Kong—Food Wise Eateries Scheme” organized by Environmental Protection Department.
Daikiya, as a service industry, has provided more than 500 full-time and 300 part-time job opportunities, and is continuing to promote and establish a well human resources system within the industry.
We concern human rights and the diversity of our working team,committing to building an inclusive culture and make our staff’s opinions and needs to be seen and heard.
Daikiya is committed to promoting social welfare, concerning about the growth of younger generation, participating in university sponsorship and welfare for secondary school students.
We strictly implement the guidelines of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Customs. We obey the laws and regulations in business scope and purchasing system in order to create a positive and stable business environment.
We have more than 200 suppliers to support the sustainable development of our supply chain, “Keeping the common prosperity of upstream and downstream” is Daikiya’s creed in its operations among the years.
At the same time, we have interconnected suppliers and wholesalers all around the world and conduct an inclusive procurement strategy to ensure customers with different nationalities and tastes are satisfied.
We know that intellectual property is important for business development and brand value, that’s why we have registered 13 trademarks and 1 domain name.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)


“Daikiya” have a deeper meaning which is to make our employees happy to join in this family. We adopt the “Human-oriented” staff management system and establish an effective suggestion mechanism to improve the inclusiveness and cooperation between our staff. In this way, we can reduce the psychological burden of our mangers and improve employee morale and performance, which is the most critical part in our human resources construction plan.
Our basic requirement for the human resources department is to guide and timely identify the needs and concerns of the employees and conduct targeted training and assistance to them.
We also implement and enforce a key benefit for our staff, which is to provide effective training grants and channels for employee’s promotion.
We open to take policies on compensation and dismissal, opportunity equality, diversity, anti-discrimination and other beneficial policies. We comply with the safety manual issued by Occupational Safety and Health Council, which is about work safety precautions for general accidents which may occur in the restaurant. We promote occupational health and safety measures to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Any incidents occur in our restaurant or workplace will be reported to our supervisors and headquarters.