Customer Care

Treasure every smile


Since the startup of Daikiya, we believe that the support from our customers is an important factor for our survival and development. In order to collect ideas from our customers, we explore more channels and open to customers’ opinions. To satisfy our customers, we keep reviewing our menu once a season and introducing new dishes.


1.Create effective and wide reporting channel, for both online and offline


Our customers can reach us easily through online platforms including: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Ricepon App system and large dining platform such as OpenRice and Ctrip etc. The open system for comments allows us to understand the needs and opinions of our customers in a timely and effective manner.
At the same time, we have set up our offline reporting channels: all branches under the Group would provide opinion cards for customers to write down their comments on menu or services after dining. Staff would sort out the data and send them to our customer services department for record. We have also set up a hotline for complaints. All the complaints will be sent to the respective branch and managers will follow up with the issues in order to maintain a good relationship with our customers.

With the opinion gathering from online and offline, we will create a report every month and keep record for references of the Group’s business appraisal and personal training.


2.Continuous menu review, valuable satisfaction


Daikiya attaches great importance to the favors of our customers. Following our regular opinion review, which is conducted at least once on a season, we will innovate new dishes according to customers’ opinions and also taking into account festivals, season, nutrition etc. It is the goal and basic concept of Daikiya to create valuable satisfaction for our consumers, not limited to all-you-can-eat or other styles.


3.Treasure every smile, reputation and direct feedback


We work hard for your satisfaction; we treasure every smile, and we trust in the power of reputation, that’s why we use direct marketing strategy to feedback our customers.
We frequently arrange sales events, such as peak hours discount, birthday discount, membership discount and non-scheduled travel packaging, movie tickets, for our customers.