Business Expansion

Daikiya is aiming to expand its business by pursuing two core business strategies. We will strategically expand our restaurant network in Hong Kong while establishing a central kitchen to support our expansion.


Strategic expansion of restaurant network in Hong Kong


We are going to expand both Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurants like Daikiya(大喜屋), Deluxe Daikiya(極尚大喜屋), Deluxe Daieiki(極尚大瀛喜)and a-la-carte restaurants like Rock Salt(岩鹽). We intend to open 8 more restaurants before 2021.


Establishment of central kitchen


To match the logistics and inventory needs of the new restaurants, we plan to establish a central kitchen, install new production line, and develop a better purchasing procedures. We will set up an automated fish processing production line to enhance the operational efficiency of our restaurants, reduce food procurement cost and focus on labour on services.